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How we deliver care

The RNZ Clinic approach to healthcare delivery


Our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa is reflected in our innovative approach to care delivery. Our strategic priority is transition of care from predominantly in-hospital to out-patient, patient-centered and clinic-based settings. We pioneer minimally invasive neurosurgical and spinal procedures in Sub-Sahara Africa that are less traumatic to patients and lead to less complications and hospital stay. Patients recover faster and return to their normal life quicker.

The strategic shift:
In-patient to out-patient care


Our founder’s decision to establish a clinic, which would soon be followed by a “center for less invasive surgeries- CLIS” is rooted in a strategic vision to transform healthcare delivery. By operating as a clinic, we embrace an outpatient-centric model, redefining the conventional notion of extended hospital stays. This intentional shift not only aligns with the preferences of our patients, who seek minimal time in a hospital environment, but also enables us to maintain a leaner operational structure, translating to a more cost-effective healthcare.

Patient-centric out-patient care: Beyond hospital walls


In our outpatient setting, we prioritize delivering exceptional care that extends beyond the confines of a hospital. Our patients enjoy the flexibility of receiving necessary medical attention without the need for prolonged hospital stays. For those requiring bed rest, we facilitate in-home care, allowing patients to recover in the comfort of their own surroundings while receiving regular check-ups from our dedicated medical professionals.

Innovative technology backbone: Powering virtual healthcare


Central to our patient-centric approach is our innovative technology backbone. This foundation enables us to provide cutting-edge virtual healthcare services, connecting patients with our healthcare professionals seamlessly. Through virtual consultations, remote monitoring, and telemedicine, we bring excellence in patient care directly to our patients, bridging the gap between physical distance and quality healthcare.

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